Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ghost Adventures Recap: Moon River Brewery

This weeks investigation brings the boys to the historic town of Savannah, Georgia, to the Moon River Brewery. Built in 1821, this place is notorious for its angry ghosts attacking the staff and patrons of the bar. Many fear entering the front doors after dark, so Zak and the boys can't wait to get locked down for an entire night and come face to face with the evil entities that are said to haunt the brewery. Savannah is known as the most haunted city in the United States. Murray Silver, an author and eyewitness to the ghostly activity and a fifth generation Savannah resident, has seen things since he was a small child that he could not ignore. They talk to a Gene Beeco, the owner of Moon River, who has seen so many things happen that he doesn't understand and can't explain. He tells them that Savannah has been a battlefield for every war including the bloodiest battle on American soil. This was where 1,100 men where killed in less than an hour and were buried where they fell. Savannah has survived 4 great fires, has a cemetery in the center of town, with 80 more burial grounds that have been paved over. They say that these are the right conditions for a city to be haunted. The Moon River Brewer Company is considered the most haunted place in Savannah. The building used to be the city hotel and started construction in 1821. Chris Lewis, General Manager of Moon River, tells them it was open for business in 1826, and had lots of drinking and gambling, which is usually a recipe for lots of bloodshed. In August of 1832 two men, one a doctor who was well respected and the other was James Stark, who was not so well respected, had a dispute. When Stark insulted the doctor, he was shot in his side; it went through his heart, out of his scapula, and in the kitchen door. Chris feels that Stark is one of the angry spirits hanging around. He then cautions Zak about taunting the ghosts because there have been some violent incidences that have happened to people there. On the 2nd floor is the office where Chris was finishing up some paperwork and he heard bottles rattling behind him. Shortly afterwards, a couple of bottles flew off the shelf and hit the desk. On the 3rd floor landing and looking down, many have seen the lady in white walking around. This spirit is known for pushing people around. They put an ‘X’ near that area for a camera where witnesses have seen footsteps. Now on the Restaurant level, Chris Parker a police officer, said that in the summer of 2007 he got up to go to the bar and get a pint. When he walked back and got by the phone booth, he saw a Union soldier, but it was only the upper torso of the apparition. When they tried to renovate the place, workman would get pushed off ladders, and power tools would go missing. In the 1990's the foreman’s wife was pushed down the stairs when she brought her husband lunch. While walking up the stairs, something came up behind her and pushed her down the stairs. She saw nothing. Murray tells Zak that he feels that this place is a vortex of energy because of all the activity. When hurricane David took the roof off the building it laid vacant for about 15 years but the ghosts were still around. The most commonly documented sightings in the place are of children spirits. One witness was walking across the main hallway and saw a little girl in a white dress, and in the basement things are moved by playful spirits near the pool table. Usually if you put all the balls on the table, about 10 minutes later you come back and a couple of balls will be gone. There is one rowdy spirit that at least every staff member has encountered, and they named him Toby. He is seen running around in the basement rooms, usually a shadowy figure running quickly by. The children spirits could be there because when Yellow Fever hit town many of the hotels were converted into hospitals especially for kids and older people. Because so many children died in that building, that could be the reason for the child ghosts that everyone keeps seeing. In the basement a publisher to their “Guide to Savannah” book, who is a good Catholic girl and doesn't believe in paranormal, was attacked. Christina is a local book publisher who was violently attacked while walking alone down a hallway. She felt the bad energy right before getting to the arch divider between two rooms near the pool table. She felt energy or physical presences grab her neck pushing her back, then she was choking and coughing and could not breath. She was not able to cross the threshold into the other room by this force. She didn’t believe in ghosts but believes now. While tending bar, a bartender witnessed something come out the wall, and kneel down and stare at her for about 5 minutes. She described it as a foggy black thing, not human and perhaps demonic. She saw it in the exact spot Christina was choked. Murray takes them down to the basement and tells them that what Christina is telling them is the gospel truth, she just doesn’t lie. The basement is rarely used only for private occasions. Zak immediately feels a jolt of electricity go through him and Nick sees something white walk by in another room. They go looking for it whatever Nick saw and Murray wonders if Zak will pick up on a couple of special places in the basement to prove that he is the real deal. Zak finds a tunnel, which happens to be a place where not many know exists. These tunnels run all through Savannah and the brewery and where some feel the ghost use to move from place to place. Zak finds an entrance on the outside to one of the tunnels goes inside and sees a cat which scares the crap out of him. They went back to the basement where Zak sees something and heads back to another hot spot. This spot is where Christina was attacked and bad energy is felt throughout.

LOCKDOWN: They start out by mapping out where all the static night vision cameras are going to be placed. While talking about the camera setup they hear a dragging noise on the second floor. Zak starts yelling at the spirits while they run up the stairs to see where the noise is coming from. While running around, they also heard footsteps. This all happened before the sun has even gone down. Back down to base they finished mapping out the camera placements, and then went upstairs where they tried provoking the spirits with no success. They caught an eerie disembodied laugh on their video camera. Now Zak is upstairs, and Aaron is downstairs and felt coldness. They caught a female voice saying "don't do that" and heard another female voice say "I don't wanna", right after Zak dared the female spirit to push him down the stairs. A camera set up by the stairs where all the activity was, caught a male voice laughing. Zak has the goggles on where he can see the words they are hearing. They head upstairs where he not only hears, but sees the word “water”. Aaron puts them on and gets the words “gender” and “sister”. Zak has the EVP recorder on and he caught a strange knocking. Then Aaron experiences the video equipment messing up and catches on the recorder a male voice saying “it's the God". Aaron is still having equipment problems, but fixes it catches the words “remove”, and then “step”. Zak asked the spirit, “if we don't remove the step then what” and got a response “yell”. Now it is 2:57 am and Zak asked if there is a lady here with them that don’t like guys. Shortly afterwards they caught a disembodied voice yelling and then saying “they got” but couldn’t understand the rest of the sentence. Was that the voice who threatened to yell if they didn't move the ladder? After leaving the area they caught a strange light and footsteps on the static night vision camera. Now they are in the pool room area where Christina was attacked and taking pictures. Aaron felt cold and something big brush past him and totally freaked out. They start experiencing the cameras malfunctioning. Zak tells the spirit that he is going to smack “the spirit” like he did Christina and shortly afterwards caught an unexplained laugh. Zak starts suffering a bad headache then Nick. On their camera, they captured a strange ball of light that hit Zak, then immediately turned to Nick at the same time they experienced the headaches. While in the basement they experience heavy pressure on their bodies, and hear a knock, then another after asking the spirits to make their presence known. Nick started acting strange, almost like he was possessed by some unknown force. During this time their digital recorder caught a male voice saying "I know", and a dark shadow dart out from behind Nick that wasn't their shadows. Nick snapped out of it and was confused. He said it was like he blacked out for a second. This was the end of a very busy paranormal night for the boys. They had their footage analyze by experts who noticed the black figure expanding as it got further away from Nick. Nick told them that he kept hearing voices in his head saying 'kill them, kill them'. The experts felt there was a partial possession by Nick.

See the show in it's entirety here.

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Anonymous said...

In 2000 I worked for the owners of the building as property manager. When we went up to the top floor to check on roof repairs, as I began to climb the ladder it began to shake. I hid my emotion and gladly left as I got the sense I wasn't supposed to be there or wasn't welcome. No one had told me about the spirits - I found out by watching shows like this one. My family and I dined in the restaurant monthly and had no experiences - just that once in the upper levels.

Mike-Julie said...

They were saying that the upper level has had lots of things happen to the workers trying to renovate the place. Thanks for adding your experience.

Atrueoriginall said...

That's pretty neat to have personally experienced something there yourself. Now you have something to share with everyone and can back it up with the Ghost Adventures show amongst others.

There is a video here below that was also done at the brewery by local paranormal investigators if you're interested.

Savannah Paranormal

Anonymous said...

This was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen its like they gave 3 frat boys cameras to wander around. Highlight of the episode "Gender! Sister!... Are you a woman!?" and the cat incident "did you get that dude!?!" LMAO will definately be watching the season finale!!