Friday, July 31, 2009


The Othersiders - Queen Mary Part 1

The Othersiders - Queen Mary Part 2

The Othersiders - Queen Mary Part 3

The Othersiders - Queen Mary Part 4

The Othersiders - Queen Mary Part 5

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Anonymous said...

i had to chime in and point out that while thses kids are very mature and well spoken given their ages, but the show is blatantly fake, when they review the evidence from their engine room camera the thing they see moving down in the back is some persons shadow. besides after taps caught the tampering with their evidence on this ship i dont believe a word about it being haunted i think the ship makes alot of money off the ghost tours and those involved will do anthing to maintain its haunted rep. im a believer in alot of this stuff but when i see blatant evidence tampering it is discouraging and im sure it just serves to further justify skeptics that all these shows are faked to some extent. personally i only believe taps evidenceat this point, although even some of their stuff is questionable. you need to check out extreme paranormal on a/ \e, its also a very good show. sorry for the long comment have a good day.

Atrueoriginall said...

Well I had to chime in too. Are you really serious about Extreme Paranormal, the same Extreme Paranormal that probably won't see a season two. I think that is the absolute worst show on tv today. To me they are no more than clowns and everything is pre-staged. Not to mention the demonic thing. Horrible show and I've read absolutely nothing but bad reviews. I posted three of their reviews here.

I thought it was just me but there were nothing but bad reviews.

The Othersiders are serious, they aren't screwing around. I've seen all of their shows and they take what they do very serious so that tells me that nobody is manipulating them.

The Queen Mary is screwing around certainly, this was already proven by Ghost Hunters with the bed scene.

I think Ghost Hunters has the best show out as well but I think that Ghost Lab may give them a run for their money.