Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Little Drummer Boy - Part 1

Little Drummer Boy - Part 2

Little Drummer Boy - Part 3

Little Drummer Boy - Part 4

Little Drummer Boy - Part 5

Go here to read Julie's Recap on the Ghost Hunters - Little Drummer Boy

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Kurt said...

Just a heads up,The What are ghosts made of link is no good.It keeps freezing up!

Atrueoriginall said...

I'm in there now and it's not hanging up on me.. I'm on video two at the moment and all is well.

When I get videos hanging up, in my case anyway, it's from my enormous amount of surfing and my cache and my browser (Firefox) are running high. Right now my Firefox is at 260,000k so the videos are flowing fine but when it hits about 400,000 I have to dump it.

I go so far as to use the task manager and close my browser that way it clears everything, - and entirely. At that point I can go right back in without having to reboot and the videos run again just fine.

That is unless the video in particular wasn't the first or the second since that's all I've viewed thus far. Going to video 3 here in about 1 minute.

Try it again, but next time do it just after going up on your computer and see what happens. Also, make sure you're on the actual page and not a page with other videos on it.

Keep this in your email and just click on it when you re-enter your computer.

Curious to see what happens so leave me a note.

NatGeo Ghosts - Haunted Prison

Thanks, Eileen

Kurt said...

Thanks for the reply.
I'm still having a problem.It's weird,because it's the only video I have a problem with.It freezes the screen with the link and the screen that is trying to pop up to show the video.If that makes any sense.

Atrueoriginall said...

Dunno lol. Sounds weird.

I have those same videos in another blog of mine.

Try this and if it doesn't work, just double click on any of the videos, which will take you directly to YouTube and see if you can watch it there.

Kurt said...

Thanks,used your link,it took awhile but eventually worked.You are a true original. ;>)

Atrueoriginall said...

you're too sweet! :)