Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ghost Hunters Recap: Fort Henry

“Fort Henry” Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The TAPS team meets up with Glen, a docent, who gives them the history of the fort, and then a tour of the paranormal hotspots. Fort Henry was a British fort built to keep Americans out. It was built during the war of 1812 and was to protect them against American attack. A second fort was built in the same location in 1832 and 1837. Since the 1930's the fort has been operating as a national historical site, with many of the people working there having experiencing paranormal activity over the course of time. Fort Henry is known as the most haunted place in Canada. The first place he takes them is to the Parade Square. This is the hotspot for which many have reported seeing ghost and one in particular they refer to as the "wandering ghost". This ghost has been seen and reported by many as far back as 60 to 70 years. Glen himself saw him walking along the far side of the fort. The Dry Ditch is the next place he takes them to. The dry ditch surrounds the inner fort and in 1838, a man named John Smith, a gunner, was loading a gun on the inner wall. There was a problem with one of the cartridges that caused it to explode and threw him over the inner wall hitting a far wall, and killing him. An employee had someone report to her that he saw a man sitting in the dry ditch area, wearing an undergarment of a uniform, and he also heard the voices of men yelling. Then to the Officer's Quarters #3 which is a series of exhibit rooms with glass windows for people to look in and see how an officer lived. Many children, while on a tour, have complained about feeling sick to their stomach and the feeling of unseen hands pushing down on their chest. As soon as they leave the room, they felt much better. Some on the tours have seen the rocking chair in the exhibit, rocking back and forth on its own. Each exhibit room is climate controlled to protect the artifacts so TAPS will not be able to investigate those rooms. Many feel that an officer and five of his men that were hung in that area, ghosts are still hanging around. The Wine Cellar is the next place he takes them and where a tour guide was going through there with an evening tour and felt the temperature suddenly drop, and then he saw a shadow in a far corner. He takes them down in the tunnels to the Reverse Firing Chamber. This is where when soldiers would drop down into the dry ditch; they would be able to shoot those soldiers from behind. Many strange sounds have been reported down there including a whispering sound from behind a chamber door. Lastly, Glen takes them to one of his favorite spots, the bakery and the school room. They start with the bakery where a re-enactor was in there using the oven and distinctly heard footsteps walking towards him, but no one was there. Some reported hearing the doors slam, one door right after the other all through the lower part of the fort and no one else was in there with them, so they thought.
INVESTIGATION: Jason and Grant start in the Officers' Quarters #3 where immediately a door opens. They hear a knocking from behind the glass in the exhibit room. Jason knocks on the glass and they hear something knocking back. They put their hands on the glass and felt something knocking, like it vibrated. The KII meter was reading high and Jason felt dizzy shortly after. He felt like he was going to fall over. As soon as they left the room, he felt better.

Steve and Tango start in the Dry Ditch asking officer Smith to make his presence known. They noticed a long vertical light in a corner but couldn't find its source.

Kris and Amy are now in the officers' quarters #3 to see if they get any action. They hear a noise like someone was walking, the sounds of footsteps, shuffling and knocking. The noises were all over the area. Kris then hears a noise coming from another room so they follow the sound. They also get high hits from the KII meter while sitting on the floor and asking questions. While doing that, they are hearing tapping on the glass and noise in the room behind the glass.

Back to Steve and Tango who are now in the Wine Cellar. They notice a cold breeze coming through a small window in the cellar and figure that may be why people in there are feeling a cold spot. They also debunked the shadow figuring it was the light coming through the small window from outside.

Jason and Grant are now in the bakery where the KII meter goes off and they hear talking in another area. They follow the noises and Grant sees a shadow figure cross in front of a window but it did not cross in front of the door. He went outside to see if anyone was there but found no one. All of a sudden a door slammed shut on its own and latched. It was also caught on video where you can see it closing. Jason opened the door and asked for it to be shut again, and it did. He opened the door and was met with resistance like someone was holding it shut.

Kris and Amy are now in the Officers' Guardhouse where they decided to just sit and placed the KII meter on a chair. They asked questions and the KII meter went off. They hear a knock and asked for another. Then they hear a light knock, asked for two knocks but got none.

Steve and Tango are now in the bakery taking pictures of the doors to see if they open for them like they did for Jason and Grant. They hear two knocking sounds on the front door. Steve tells Tango that he left the door open somewhat and was puzzled to find it closed.

Back to Jason and Grant who are now heading down to the tunnels and Reverse Firing Chamber. Grant notices the limestone walls and they get a very high KII reading. The limestone seems to magnify paranormal activity for some reason which could explain some of the claims that witnesses have reported. They also noticed that the sound traveled all over the area and it was hard to tell where the voices were coming from. It could explain why some are hearing voices down there.

It is Steve and Tango's turn to investigate the Reverse Firing Chamber where the many spiders chase Steve out. They head out and Jason and Grant call it an end to this investigation.

RESULTS: On the mini DVD in the bakery they caught the door opening, closing, opening again then shutting. Jason asked the spirit to do that again and on video they caught the door shutting then latching all by itself. On the mini DVD, Kris and Amy caught the footsteps they kept hearing while in the Officers’ Quarter #3. They told Glen that the whole fort is made of limestone which seems to attract lots of paranormal activity. He tells them that the city of Kingston's nickname is the “Limestone City”. The spot where Grant saw the shadow in the window is where others have reported seeing the wandering ghost. They concluded that the fort is very active with many spirits still roaming around.

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Autumnforest said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Hurray! I wish they'd limit their investigations to places like this and if they could do it on a night with geomagnetic activity-boom! Guaranteed ratings. Limestone and moving water. What a combo. Not only a building made of it, but the land it sits upon is all limestone. This is really a key element, along with granite and quartz. I was not surprised they had poltergeist type stuff going on. It was the perfect place for it. The only thing I regret is that they didn't stay there a few nights! Are you going to recap Destination Truth? It was wickedly awesome. I was excited to see Josh testing the areas for where activity was before deciding where to go. Smart. This is an earth phenomenon, even seemed to affect hat one camera, as well, which appeared to be in a hot spot. I'd love to see a followup on what conditions there might be causing instruments to go nuts and hence planes to drop from the sky and ships to get lost. Exciting!

Above the Norm said...

I just finished recapping Destination Truth. There was so much going on with both investigations. This was a good investigation and place for TAPS. I also wish they would do more places like this and stay longer. Jason promised new equipment and I do believe that they will be using them next week. We shall see.