Saturday, October 31, 2009


For direction on some of the Ghost Lab's evidence, they used Michael Persinger, Ph.D for advice. Persinger has probably more papers written on EMFs than anyone, so I've included his Wiki if you wish to learn more.
Wiki: Michael Persinger, Ph.D

Persinger is known well for these words, "This Is Your Brain on God - Michael Persinger has a vision - the Almighty isn't dead, he's an energy field. And your mind is an electromagnetic map to your soul."

The Klinge Brothers and the Ghost Lab team head to Chicago and Forth Worth to investigate a pair of allegedly haunted hotspots: A tattoo parlor and a former bordello now serving as a bed and breakfast.

Under the Skin - Part 1

Under the Skin - Part 2

Under the Skin - Part 3

Under the Skin - Part 4

Under the Skin - Part 5

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