Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ghost Adventures Recap: Ohio Reformatory


“The facility was built between 1886 and 1910. The Reformatory remained in full operation until 1972, at which time the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility was opened. The facility was completely closed down in 1990. Part of the grounds and support buildings however, including the outer wall have been demolished since the closing. In 1995, the "Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society" was formed. They have turned the prison into a museum and conduct tours to help fund grounds rehabilitation projects and currently work to stabilize the buildings against further deterioration. The facility still holds the largest free standing cell block in the world at six tiers high.

OSR is supposedly haunted with several paranormal "hotspots" such as the two chapels, the area around the warden's office, the infirmary and solitary confinement. Over 200 people died at the OSR, including a few guards who were killed during escape attempts.”

This 120 year old prison is infested with the trapped souls of those most harden criminals once held there. Many appear to be still serving time in the Ohio State Reformatory. This place once held over 155,000 criminals and had the tallest free standing cell blocks in the world. Zak talks to D.J. Fly, who was an inmate from 1950 to 1962, and tells him that he indeed saw murders inside the prison. He tells Zak that he believes the place to be haunted by those souls still trapped inside the prison. He takes them inside and tells them that once imprisoned there, you became just a number and lost your identity. Zak also talks with Ike Webb, a guard from 1954 to 1966. Ike tells him that there were many things that went on inside that were very disturbing. There was lots of violence and you had to be alert or it could be the death of you. In the West cell block is were there are 5 stories of cells with just a handrail on each level where you can look below. The is where some were thrown over or other simply used bed sheets to hang themselves on the rails. Another prisoner set himself on fire and burned to death in cell 13. This is where D.J. had a bad experience and many feel that his spirit is still hanging around that cell. His body was buried in a cemetery on the grounds which has about 218 graves with the inmate's numbers on the headstones. A woman, Susan, tells Zak about hearing a loud bang at the end of the East cell block and saw a black shadow figure there. Another person talks about seeing a black mass dart across the cell block and into a cell. He looked into the cell and asked "did you just run in here" and a voice replied "fucker". (Pardon my French) He tells Zak you will see shadows in that area. Zak did say he thought he saw one earlier while conducting an interview and thought it was a person. He went over to the place where that figure was standing and no one was there. Now they are in the hospital where lots of activity was reported in there. Most of the aggression has been directed towards the female staff at the place. Tina Webb tells them that something smacked her in the head and pulled her hair. In the toilet room a shadow person was seen there and another person got sick and felt her head hurt. Zak thought that Tiny would make good bait to draw out the ghosts.

In solitary confinement all the prisoners wore was a white cotton jumpsuit. The cells were pitch black causing the prisoners to go crazy and insane. Mike, a tour guide, was telling the boys that one time when he got to the end of the hall and asked if anyone was over there. He felt a negative presence rush in his face. He took a step back and told the presence that he wasn't afraid of him, which was a lie, and he captured a voice on his recorder saying "outstanding..." They also saw a black shadow and he captured another voice saying "I'll kill this freak". He told them that they prey on anyone who is afraid. They head to "the dark side" in the prison and all their battery packs were drain, only Nick's camera was working. Mike felt something touch the back of his head and then Nick's camera's audio went out after a loud jolt. They split up to see if they can capture anything and Aaron hears a "hey" while walking by a cell.

LOCKDOWN: Mike give Zak a discipline bar for protection. Zak yells out to the ghosts and his batteries died. They experience goosebumps on their arms, so Zak does more taunting. They sit down and map out all the places where the "X's" are at and where night vision cameras will be placed. They move from the front entrance to the cellblocks where the taunting begins. Nick captured a white mist on his camera along with an unexplained noise. Zak sees a silhouette of a head in the level right above them. They went up there to investigate and go to cell 13 where D.J. had a bad experience earlier. This cell is where the man burned himself to death. Nick does an EVP while in there and he feels is whole body go numb and the hairs on his arm standing up. Zak uses the EMF detector but gets nothing and Nicks recorder picks up a faint voice saying "I'll chew you..." Zak steps out of the cell and behind him the capture what appears to be a free floating white figure walking out of a jail cell. They brought out the scientific piece of equipment (this is what Zak called it) to validate what they have been hearing and seeing. It has a word database inside of it along with infrared vision. It picks up the word "drag" and they get chills. They go up another level and get interference on the equipment.

They head back down to the ground level and pick up the word "pass", then the word "fly. They set up the night vision cameras and left the area to see if they pick up anything. Exactly 26 minutes after they left the area, the camera capture unexplained footprints. Another camera captured a sound like a cell door shutting.

Since they were getting so much action in the East cell block, they decided to get a trigger object to draw them out. They get Sarah to help with this. They head back to the darkest and most dangerous part of the prison. While standing there, the EVP device caught a mysterious breath at the same time they all felt something. Zak asked "who is here" and "we need more contact" and the digital recorder picked up a voice saying "...ya got more than me..." They split up with Aaron on one side, Zak and Sarah on another and Nick up one level. After Zak asked can you give us a sign, the recorder captured a voice saying "hang". This one was hard to make out. Zak continues to provoke the inmate's spirits and Sarah felt a breath on the back of her neck. At that exact time the digital recorder she was holding caught an unexplained breathing on it. Zak ask her if she was feeling alright and right afterwards Zak's camera captured a voice saying "run, Sarah..." Zak has Sarah walk down to the cell block below to do an EVP all by herself. Right before she left, they all heard a cell door shut on the floor where Nick was. They give Sarah a camera and she heads downstairs by herself with a digital recorder as well. She ask "was that you who brushed the back of my hair" the recorder captured a voice saying "sorry...Sarah...sorry". Meanwhile Aaron feels someone touching him in the back and thought Zak was behind him but he was not. Zak yells for Sarah to see if she was alright and she yells "Zak can you come down here". He, Aaron and Nick rush down where Sarah tells them that something or someone pulled on her hair. Then suddenly they all felt it get freezing cold and heard a loud growl.

It was time to let Sarah be released so they can continue with the investigation. They decided to set up the rest of the static night vision cameras in hopes of capturing evidence to support what they experienced earlier. 52 minutes later, the camera in the morgue captured unexplained noises while no one was in there. 16 minutes after that, the camera in the hospital captured a creepy disembodied voice.

After the investigation, they took their evidence to Lancaster, California to Masone Beltran, a paranormal researcher to get another opinion. He look at the video of the white mist they caught walking out of a cell, and could see a human shape to it. He said that the voice captured in the hospital could be something caused by weather or static electricity, he just didn't know.

This place seems to have the evil spirits of those for its past that continue to live out their eternal sentencing, day after day.

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Autumnforest said...

Great location! They're just so disruptive. I've found that noisiness and jostling around is like having tour groups in just scares stuff away. And why is is that these guys run the production of the show/filming/sound, and yet they can't get EVPs of the quality the guy giving them the tour had??? I don't think I've ever heard one coherent EVP from them. I wish they'd shake it up more. I'd rather not know the routine each week. Plus, I'd like for them to do an outdoor battlefield or something like that. Something about those guys in the woods cracks me up! The battery drain was very familiar, though. It usually happens the minute you get there and it goes on all night long. One time, I changed the batteries in my camera 9 times in 5 hours and I didn't even take but about 100 pictures!

Julie said...

LOL, the guy giving the tour did have much better EVP's than they caught. To tell you the truth, I couldn't make out most of their's either. The location was pretty cool.