Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ghost Adventures Recap: Remington Arms


“This week the boys are investigating Remington Arms ammunition factory. It was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington and at one point it was the largest weapons factory in the world. It is the oldest company in the United States which still makes its original product, and is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America. Many say that Remington Arms is cursed from the hundreds of thousands that have died as a result of the products manufactured there. If that weren't enough, there were dozens of accidental deaths and murders inside the factory.”

The Remington Arms closed in 1968 and became a refuse for the homeless. The place is full of dark energy from the hundreds of thousands killed by the ammunition manufactured there. Walking around in the day and before the investigation, they heard hammering, footsteps, had batteries drain, and the hairs on their arms stood up. On Saturday 1942 there was an explosion resulting in 7 deaths. They found the newspaper articles on the explosion and saw the faces of the victims who many feel still haunted the place. There have been talks of sabotage made about the explosion. Bob takes them on a tour to where the melting pots were located and two guys have been known to have fallen in the extreme hot melted steel. In 1914, labor riots pinned the workers against the guards. A Portuguese worker had his head bashed open with a wooden baton by a guard. Many feel the place is definitely haunted because they hear voices, footsteps, and see apparitions, and shadow figures walking by the windows. The graveyard across the street is where a woman was buried alive. The place is cursed by ghosts that died from the ammo made there and the accidental and deliberate deaths. The shot tower had razor wire on the ceiling and the boys were weary of it. At night time you hear voices inside throughout the whole tower. They hiked to the top of the tower, up to the roof, about 250 feet high. Zak is not a friend of heights. Next, they head to the underground tunnels, where the fire ranges are located. It’s a straight down shot to the tunnels, which was very dirty. In Stratford they meet up with, John Zaffis, who knows lots about trap objects, the ammo made in the factory, and the energy which is attached to the objects. He tells them to try and put the objects that were found in the area as bait to attract the spirits.

LOCKDOWN: After the local police did the thorough sweep of the place, they begin the investigation. Using a blueprint of the factory, they map out where all the X's were placed for the night vision cameras. They begin in the shot tower asking the questions, walking up the steep steps towards the top. As they headed up, they hear a disembodied screaming, then voices which sounded like a riot. They head towards the sounds to investigate where Zak almost falls in a hole. Walking higher up and using the digital recorder, they heard a voice which sounded like it said "me". Zak asked if it was the woman buried alive and got "not so hard" then the sound of a woman crying followed by "yes". On the 4th level they set up a camera and then headed down to put more cameras up along with trigger objects. About 16 minutes and 54 seconds later, a camera captured the sound of someone moving equipment, while another caught the sound of someone talking, and then yelling. Next at 41 minutes and 30 seconds later on the 4th level, a gun shot sound was recorded and someone screaming. This was not captured on the 1st floor camera but both caught a car horn at the same time. No gun shots were reported near the building that night. They are now in the central area of the building investigating. Zak goes first, and using night vision only, they hear people talking in a back room and follow the voices. The recorder caught "I like it", which was hard to make out. Now it is about 2 am and they hear voices all around and then a scream. Aaron hears a growling noise and caught on his camera. Zak felt something touch him and then Nick felt it right afterwards. They got chills and the hairs stood up on their arms after they hear a bang sound. Aaron felt an energy go through him and caught "there's something" on his camera at that exact time. Zak asked if the spirits were Nazi spies, and Nick’s recorder caught the word "energy". They started to feel drained and tired. They left the hallway to put a camera upstairs, and finding the stairs were loose and dangerous to walk on. Carefully they walk up them to the hallway camera which caught a strange light and voice. Near the end in the administration room with the cameras rolling, the camera caught what sounded like a man asking for help, next you heard footsteps and seen a white mist manifest in front of the camera.

Having the evidence analyzed by a paranormal expert, the gunshot and scream sounds captured on one camera were concluded that the sound came from inside the building and is paranormal. The mist was a determined as a partial spirit trying to manifest. This factory is haunted by spirits of those that passed.

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