Thursday, December 31, 2009


Prospect Place on Jan. 1

The mansion, owned by a wealthy abolitionist, was once a stop on the underground railroad. A gateway to freedom for hundreds of slaves, it was also the last stop for many who arrived in terrible physical condition and died there. The owner's family also suffered its share of death and heartbreak.

Prospect Place - Part 1

Prospect Place - Part 2

Prospect Place - Part 3

Prospect Place - Part 4

Prospect Place - Part 5

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Anonymous said...

fyi - Prospect Place Video #4 is not working. Thank you so much for uploading these shows for those of us who do not have cable channels!!!!!!!!!

Atrueoriginall said...

Anonymous, I just opened it and it's working fine. Maybe your memory was just tapped and you need to clean your cache, cookies or reboot.

I did it twice.

HEY! THANKS for letting me know the possibility that it was down though. I wish more would do that because I hate surprises. lol