Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ghost Hunters International Recap: Gates to Hell

Blatce, Czech Republic. Houska Castle
This week the GHI team is doing another investigation in the Czech Republic, Houska Castle. This castle was built to keep evil in rather than people out. Many have reported seeing shadows, a full body apparition of a man, and hearing scratching sounds. During the late 1930's the Nazis took over the castle and performed numerous experiments involving dimensional portal stimulation and strange physics testing. Ty McGee, project manager and guide, tells them that the castle was founded in the 13th century but with evidence dating as far back as the 800's. Its structure is like a cube, within a cube, within a cube, with no fortifications. There are no trade paths, thick woods or swamps, rocks, water, basically no defense mechanism. The castle has no strategic importance, no reason for this structure to exist way out in the middle of no where. Ty takes them to the Inner courtyard first and tells them that this is where many horrific events have taken place. A while back they unearthed 3 Nazi soldiers’ remains that were probably executed by their own men. A prominent writer, who stayed there in the 1800's, reported that he saw winged black creatures flying around the courtyard, more like demonic type creatures. Ty had personal experiences in the courtyard too. The first time he came to the castle, he brought his dogs. They immediately went crazy, ran into the center, circled it, jumped inside, and ran right over to where he calls the prison. There is a little air hole leading down to where they held prisoners and where his dogs were barking and clawing. This was very uncharacteristic behavior for them and when he called them, they wouldn't come. Something was going on there that was not right or normal he tells them. He brought his dogs just in case the GHI team wanted to use them and they did. He takes them to the Chapel next where there was once a hole that no one knew its depths. This area is where villagers saw a half human and half creature along with the black flying entities. They believe that it to be the “gates of hell”. The legend goes that the castle was built on top of the portal in order for keeping the evil from escaping hell. When the structure began being built, they took all the prisoners from local prisons that were to be executed and gave them a death part. They allowed themselves to be lowered into the hole, report on their findings and be set free. When the first prisoner went down, he began screaming bloody murder only after a few seconds and asked to be pulled up. When he got to the top, he had wrinkles and looked like he aged several decades in just several minutes. He then went to the insane asylum and died two days later of unknown causes. A few other strange things have happened. The masons, a few years ago, were working on the inner court and continually heard voices in the chapel. They would go to investigate and no one was there. The oldest paintings in Bohemia, Central Europe are in the Chapel, and painted on the walls. One is a demon with a tail, female form, left-handed and pointing an arrow at a humans neck. To be left handed during this time is a sign of evil. (That would be me, lol) Another painting is of St. Michael executing a demon. Ty tells them of his personal experiences in the Chapel. On the second story, he saw a black figure walk over to the middle and disappear. Another witness tells of bringing her dog and it going crazy and refusing to enter the chapel, keeping her out. This was very unusual behavior for her dog. Now Ty takes them to the Hunting Lodge. A witness tells of being there one night and hearing strange noises like the sound of something heavy hitting the floor. She and the others that were with her were scared and lit a candle. Suddenly they saw a dark figure walk across the top of the stairs and heard a voice whispering about killing some young girls. They got out of there fast. Ty takes the guys to the Living Room next. He tells them that upon his first visited to the castle and was in that room, he felt a foreign energy right behind him. His heart started pounding, he started sweating, he got chills and when he turned around he could literally feel whatever it was. He definitely did not think of the energy as friendly. On the Southern side of the 3rd floor, he tells them about walking into the room with the interpreter and curator, he saw a woman wearing a white dress and had long blond hair. She just walked by like normal and when he went into the other room, no one was there. Ing. Jaromir, who is the castle owner, was in that room at a table having a drink with some friends. He put his drink down, it moved around, and then it lifted into the air. He and the others watched it; then he grabbed the glass and put it back down on the table, and then it slipped to the middle of the table. None of his friends glasses moved and the table sat flat on the ground the whole time. He really feels like something exists in the castle. In the lower area dungeon, they call it Satan’s Office. There is an old legend about that area along with many people having personal experiences of seeing a faceless black robed priest. They saw him in front of the “Satan’s chair” that was there, then up the stairs, and disappearing into the next room. That figure has only been seen in this room. He takes them back to the front door and wishes them well.

INVESTIGATION: In the Chapel with Joe and Robb where Barry set up lots of equipment, Robb thought he heard something. Then they both heard a bang which seemed to come from the second floor. They saw the light that Barry put up on the second floor start flickering. Robb goes up there and the light stops flickering and the noises seem to stop as well. In the Inner Courtyard with Barry, Dustin, Robb and Ty's dog, they walk around; go down a stairwell, and into the chamber where the prisoners were kept. The dog didn't react strangely but Barry sensed something strange in the air. Barry and Brandy went back to the Dungeon. The more questions they asked, the more strangeness they felt. Brandy felt an extreme cold spot near her left leg and a brush of air past her leg. Barry shined his UV flashlight to irritate the spirits and they heard a rumbling noise, almost like a stomach hunger pain. We now find Ashley and Dustin in the Attic doing an EVP session and hearing a growling noise. Dustin issues Ashley a warning about hearing a noise in one place and being lured that area. You have to be careful because the spirit could pop up in another place making physical contact. He had this happen in the past. Dustin keeps hearing movement in the darkness in the hall. Ashley asked Dustin to look in another corner where she saw a figure of a head and shoulders and then blackness. Even though she was frightened by the experience because of never investigating place like the castle, she did not freak out and run like some other investigators who shall remain nameless. Now Dustin sees a shadow in the other side where the noise was coming from. He throws a rock into the darkness and asked "can you do that?" Right after that, they heard a noise like something completely slid across the floor. He calls Barry up to the attic to take pictures with the full spectrum camera. Barry is now seeing the shadow the Dustin has seen. The birds are acting funny like they were spooked right after the shadow was seen. Barry now throws a rock to see what would happen. Dustin hits the button once on the camera to take a picture and it kept taking pictures over and over again. They decided to leave and let the camera while it continued taking pictures to see if something shows up. On the south side of the third floor with Robb and Brandy, they see something moving while asking questions. Brandy hears a sigh and Robb saw something moving in another room. Robb got up to see what was at the end of the hallway and found nothing. Joe and Ashley enter Satan's Office and check out the “Satan’s chair” with horns and evil looking faces. Joe sits on the chair and they heard the kettle rattle that was hanging on chains. Afterwards they heard a female voice and Ashley heard wheezing behind her after sitting on the chair. Joe begins to feel light headed, then quickly the place felt less heavy and quiet so they leave.

RESULTS: Ashley and Dustin in the attic caught a breathing sound; video caught the full spectrum camera in the attic continuously clicking and taking pictures about 100 photos and then caught a voice saying "Boj" which is “come on” in Czech, this is almost like a challenge to the GHI team; Ashley and Dustin in the attic caught the noise they heard after throwing the rock. Robb felt they had enough evidence to conclude that the place is haunted.

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Sharon Day said...

Yahoo! I always love your recap's. I have to admit I had a lot of hopes for this one and oh, what a site! I would have given anything to sit in the devil's chair alone in the dark! I've always wanted to take a dog on a hunt because growing up our dogs were our first line of defense when stuff was about to happen. In fact, on really bad days, they refused to enter the house and cowered under the barn. I did like the rock being sent back--that was pretty cool. I wish they could have captured more. They have no luck with good EVPs like the regular GH team gets. I'm curious why that is? Language barrier? Lack of sensitive psychic folks on the team? Hmmm... I still watch them cause I like this team and I love the locations. I'm cheering for them like a Cubs fan--sure they'll win the big one some day.

Julie Ferguson said...

Yea, that Satan's Chair was pretty wicked but I'm not sure I would have wanted to be down ther alone. I'm also having trouble understanding their EVP's. It could be the language barrier or they need better equipment, just not sure. I also had to comment on the fact that Ashley kept her cool when she saw the partical apparition. Some other ghost hunters (not GH or GHI)freak out and run. This team has definately grown on me.