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Ghost Adventures Recap: Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient Ram Inn" Wotton-under-Edge, England

This 1000 year old building is known to be one of the most haunted homes in all of Great Britain. There have been reports of several possessions, exorcisms, and evidence of human sacrifices, and that the building was on a pagan burial ground. The name Wotton means "a place in the clearing at the edge of the forest" per C.J. Romer a historian. It’s a small rustic community and holds many secrets from generations to generations. The first record of this town was in 1142, 350 yrs. before Columbus sailed to the United States. The Church of Saint Mary's, located only steps from the Ram Inn, was built in 940. The structure is filled with history like trials, hangings and murders, with the whole area surrounding the place socked in blood. Zak now meets up with John Humphries, the owner of Ram Inn and he introduces the boys. He tells them that it is very rare for anyone not to have trouble in the place and that there is so many ghostly entities in the building that it is impossible to count. Zak turns to the boys in excitement and possibly fear. He tells them that it is on Pagan burial ground and there are children buried everywhere. He says it is a very frightening place to be in. He continues to tell them at there is an entity that wakes you up in the middle of the night and wants to have sex with you. Zak facial expression after hearing that was priceless. C.J. tells Zak that it is an incubus and succubus entities haunting the place and they are not the same. The succubus comes to a man, visits him in his sleep, seduces him, takes sperm and then places it in a woman. John takes them inside the inn and shows them where he sleeps and has been attacked both physically and sexually. Next to him on the nightstand is his Bible which he grabs when being attacked and says "Lord it's here again, get rid of it please" and it would go away. The spirits don't like it when John talks about them. They think he is mocking them. Right afterwards, the boys all started getting an uneasy feeling like they should not be there. There was an article tacked up on the wall near his bed titled "I was yanked out of bed by the ankles". This was about John and it also showed a picture of an apparition taken many years ago. Zak now interviews Caroline Wallis, who is the daughter of John Humphries. She tells him of her experiences of pictures falling off the wall, things moving around and finding them in different places from where they were placed. Some of the guest staying there were so scared, they left through the windows. Zak was asking about a story of her father staying there and his family leaving because of all the activity at the inn. She told him that her mother had some nasty experiences and decided to leave her father and take the family away. She was probably go to leave him anyway but the paranormal activity surrounding them made the decision a bit easier. She continues to tell him that it was a part of her mother's life and she doesn't like talking about to anyone. John and Zak start talking about Ley Lines where a greater concentration of paranormal activity happens where the lines intersect. John then shows Zak a map showing Ley Lines going through the Inn and Stonehenge where they begin. They feel that the Ley Lines have lots to do with all the ghostly activity in the Ram Inn. Zak, Nick and Aaron decided to visit Stonehenge before the lockdown. In the center is where the ley line is located and where it connects to the Ancient Ram Inn. Back at the Inn, John does a walk through with them and shows all the hotspots. They start upstairs in the Witch's Room, where she many have seen her appear on the bed. The town is notorious for witchcraft and he tells them that people are very fearful of her. Alan Tee, an eyewitness, took six photographs of the place on the outside and in one of them you can clearly see a face in the Witches room. He then went up to the room with a female friend and the woman experiences three scratches on her arm. Zak tells him that it is a marking of a trinity and has experienced it himself and is demonic in nature. Johns tells Zak that children were sacrificed and the murder weapon was buried with them. The Bristol Museum has identified the fragments found as draggers of a very great age and found the daggers in a grave in the room. They now head to the Mayflower Barn where they found many children's bodies buried in the ground after removing an old wall. Another eyewitness, Dave Williams, tells them that his son lifted off the floor about 5 or 6 inches near the fireplace. He just hovered there for about 6 seconds and was picked up and thrown. John shows him trinkets for devil worshiping in the Bishop’s room there is a hole in the fireplace where the worships were done. At least 10 people were actually possessed while in that room. Another witness said that a woman was thrown onto a bed in that room. Suddenly they experienced audio equipment problems while John gets a bad headache and starts shaking. Shortly afterwards, Zak experiences a headache and John heads downstairs to get away from that room. Zak and boys seek out a witch to do a ritual for them. Lady Snake starts the ritual but won’t participate because she was scared to do so. Zak and Nick perform the ritual for her. She told them that she has given them a gift where the spirits will follow them home which scare Aaron who doesn't want to do the ritual. Zak lies on the floor and hears a sound of giggling noises, and then they all heard a deep growl coming from the alter. Lady Snake says that it means that “she'll come in and she'll come across him”. Now Zak feels tingling from the ends of his legs and now she is in. They heard a creature like sound and got goose bumps and chills. Lady Snake went to her alter for protection. Aaron gets a pressure headache and the fun begins. I don’t know about you but this is some wacky stuff these boys have gotten into this week.

LOCKDOWN: Before they were locked inside, Marc, John's grandson, told them about seeing an incubus on the stairs. Now they are locked in. The front room, grave pit, the
Barn, the Witch’s room, the Bishop’s room, the stairs where the photo of an apparition was taken, is where the static night vision cameras will be placed. First thing, at 10 pm, Zak lies in John's bed to see if he is attacked like John had been. He hears loud noises behind the camera as if something was being torn. He got up and found nothing and met up with Nick and Aaron to begin the investigation. Starting in the main part of the Inn, they walk into where the grave pit was. Zak stands in it and starts digging to try and stir up the spirits. They asked for a noise and captured a knock. All of the sudden it gets cold, they hear a female disembodied voice saying "I don't like you". Now it is 2:17 am and we see them going upstairs to the Bishop’s room where John got that possession. While up there, they caught a banging noise from downstairs on the camera down there. Zak taunts more and shortly afterwards they heard loud noises in the attic. They go up there and see an alter, with some strange powder on it. Aaron captures on his camera something coming from the Bishop’s room, a shadow figure. They go into the Bishop's room where and a few seconds later the camera in the attic caught a demonic growl. In the Bishop's room, Zak hears a voice and caught it on camera saying "It's coming". Having two camera set up in the room they lay on the beds and got a strange disembodied voice saying "Hate you" after Zak asked a question. Now it’s 4:45 am, Nick and Zak are investigating other areas while Aaron waits in the Barn near the fireplace where the kid was picked up. He captures a voice saying ".....where are you?" Nick and Zak also captured a voice saying "get out of here" then they pick up knocking from the above floor. While Zak checks out the Witch’s room, he hears a female laugh that he felt was taunting him. Nick in the room where the earlier ritual was performed, captured non-stop paranormal activity such as footsteps, voices, knocking, and breathing. Aaron was experiencing activity as well and captured a voice saying to him "don't tempt me", after asking to be lifted like they did the boy. Zak is experiencing wild EMF readings, then suddenly back to zero. Right after getting with Nick the picking up Aaron and leaving the barn, their camera captured a female voice saying "I'm special". Zak tells of his very disturbing dream he had the next night after the lockdown. It was of a lady and all he could see were her eyes and that she had long hair. She was wiggling her fingers with long nails in front of his face. He actually could feel the hurt of the nails and woke up from it with his heart beating fast, and breathing heavily. He thought that was it at least that was what he thought. When they got in the car, Aaron noticed three scratches on Zak's neck which didn't happen in the moment while investigating. It was like Lady Snake said; it followed him home and may have the incubus attached to him. This was another very strange Ghost Adventures episode.

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