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Ghost Hunters Recap: New Hampshire Gothic


Terri, the museum curator, greets TAPS and gives them the history and tour of the house. The Amos Blake House was built in 1837 and originally used for businesses. It was owned by the Fitzwilliam historical society, and is now a museum. There were four known deaths in the place, 3 young boys and Blake's wife Lizzy. Some of the claims are that the toys in the Toy room would turn on by themselves, the feeling of being hugged by a small child, doors close on their own, apparitions a small boy and a phantom cat have been seen. Amos Blake bought the place in 1861, and moved his family in. He taught in the school system, was a lawyer, a statesman, a town monitor, and knew everybody in town. A ghost of a small boy has been seen in the new kitchen and living room. Also, a phantom cat has been seen by Lizzy and others in that area too. In the Old Kitchen, two apparitions have been seen over by the clock. The reports of the ghosts were made two years apart. One ghost was described as a worker with the other's description matching Amos Blake. Upstairs to the children's room where some reported the feeling of someone is with them while on the stairs, but they are alone. Someone living in the apartment next door said he saw something moving quickly in front of the window at night. This happened every night. The apartment is about 20 feet away from the room. Mrs. Blake's bedroom is where a cleaning lady seen a connecting door to another room open on its own. A shadow person described as child size has been seen on the other side of the bed. It took off quickly and went through the door leading to the bedroom next door.

INVESTIGATION: Jason and Grant start in the living room with KII meter and thermal imaging camera. They noticed hot spots in several places on the floor. The KII lit up but they were sporadic hits. The area where the child was seen is mostly where they got the hits.

Steve and Tango start in Mrs. Blake's room. While asking questions, the adjoining door opened all by itself. They checked out the door to see why it may have opened and found out that when Steve stepped on a certain floor board, his weight caused the door to open.

Jason and Grant are now in the children's room. Jason puts his flashlight on the floor and asked the spirit to turn it on and it did. Next, they put a toy car on the floor and asked it to move it but noting happened. The thermal was left on the toy to see if they will get any action.

Amy and Kris start in the old kitchen checking out the sleigh bells to see why people claimed to hear them ringing. While walking around and setting up equipment, they hear a strange noise coming from the next room. They went back in there and couldn't figure out where it came from. They reviewed the camera and saw that the three prong rake just fell over. Steve and Tango looked at it and said that something unnatural seemed to push it over.

Jason and Grant decided to see what in the basement might make the floor above set off the KII. They were checking for electromagnetic fields but got no readings while in there. They started to smell a very strong cat urine odor. They investigated and Jason felt something rub his leg almost like a cat would. Then they both heard a purr but never found the cat.

RESULTS: On the audio camera, they picked up a weird sound like a cat meowing. This was while Jason and Grant were in the basement. On the video camera, they captured the rake moving. After reviewing it again by Jason and Grant, it looked like the chain moved first by itself, then the rake and poles moved afterwards. There was no explanation of what moved the chain. With the evidence they did get, it wasn't enough to say that the place is definitely haunted.


Steve and Tango were not there and took a leave of absence to work on their new show "Ghost Hunters Academy". Dustin and Britt filled in for them as guest investigators. Some of the claims of activity is a woman working there felt like her arm was tugged, people hear doors slamming, in the morning when opening the place they find books stacked on the floor and shadow figures that are solid black and only a few feet tall. The area that the Arbona Building is located used to be dangerous. In the 1940's a body was found in the back yard. Wendi, the museum program specialist, showed TAPS all the hotspots. The building is now a historical museum, but in 1885 it was a saloon. Hugh Arbona built the building, having the saloon on the first floor while his family lived upstairs. On the first floor in a corner area was Wendi's office. She was working late one night, felt a breath on her neck and heard a male voice whisper her name. In the reception area, is where the books are found stacked up in a corner of the room. An eyewitness saw the front door opened by its self and a child size shadow. Upstairs in the 2nd floor hallway, people feel uncomfortable after coming off the elevator and refused to stay up there. One lady had the feeling of someone unzipping her purse and being touched with no one there, while looking at one of the exhibits.

INVESTIGATION: The place is small so only one team at a time will investigate. Kris and Amy are first and start upstairs 2nd floor hallway. Kris had her purse with her to see if it would be touched. They hear a noise and while investigating it, another louder noise was down the hall. They went to check it out and heard what sounded like someone shuffling around. They could not find the source of the noises.

Jason and Grant start in the reception area checking out the books to see how they could stack themselves. They did notice that with all the reflected surfaces, it gave the elusion of shadows that were cast all over. This could explain why so many claim to have see shadow figures. They sat down and did an EVP session and asked for the spirit to light up the KII meter. They did not get any action.

Dustin and Britt start downstairs in the reception area checking out the books that move on their own. They did an EVP session but got nothing. They left and hoped they did get something on their equipment.

RESULTS: On the audio camera they caught the loud sounds and noise that Amy and Kris heard. The conclusion was that the place had not enough evidence to support the claims that the place is haunted.

Kris researched the place and found that in the 1940's a body was found in the back. They didn't know who it was and where the skeleton is at this present date.

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Kerry Kidwell said...

My comment is why do you keep investigatin with the lights out? The places you interview, most don't state they experienced the encounters in the dark. Is it possible the ghosts are scared of the dark?

Anonymous said...

The Amos J. Blake House Museum is a wonderful example of a New England historical society museum. Having been part of at least three investigations of the location I was pleased to see that TAPS results correlated with my experiences at the location, and not the exaggerated ‘evidence’ that I have seen about the location in the past.

However, I do believe that the ‘ghost cat’ could be debunked by assuming that a stray cat has recently made its way into the basement due to the advent of the cold weather. However, I can’t confirm this hypothesis and having been in the basement, it appears to be fairly secure. Still, you have to assume that this is more likely then the existence of a ghost cat.

As far as the chain moving and the pitchfork falling over, I found this suspicious. Having been in the location many times, all the furniture, etc. was placed pretty much as I remember it. One thing that I certainly don’t remember is the chain and the pitchfork and it seemed out of place to me. It simply seems unusual that these objects were in the location and placed as they were. I am unsure why, with many valuable artifacts around, one would stand a pitchfork on end and lean it against the wall where it could easily fall over.

I addition, considering the way a board could be stepped on in an old house, and something moves–the door latch upstairs did this earlier and Jason clearly points out that shifting boards can cause things to move–I suppose that the investigators walking by could have triggered the movement by this principle. I’d have to see the footage analyzed by a physicist before I was really convinced either way. It just seems a little too convenient to me.

Finally–and perhaps the most interesting–is the fact that the curator of the museum and the ‘volunteer’ that was interviewed are both members of a paranormal investigation team that formed shortly after it was discovered TAPS was going to investigate the location. It was shortly after the group was formed that reports of multiple apparitions and conscious spirits haunting the location were reported, and I suspect that the ‘evidence’ was highly exaggerated–or at least not thoroughly debunked–in an effort to pique TAPS interest.

To sum up, I do firmly believe that something is going on in the museum and would rate it a 2 out of 10 regarding possible paranormal activity. I’ve recorded a disembodied voice, had a cold spot sit on my shoulder, and seen pictures of strange mist.

TAPS did do a good job debunking, and–at least for me–the smell of cat urine and a pitch fork falling over (even with the chain moving) aren’t enough for me–nor TAPS–to consider the place really haunted.

Bobby Elgee; Sights Unseen Paranormal

Courtney Mroch said...

I thought the chain looked like a cat playing with it! But since no cat was visible, maybe it was the ghost cat? (My cats bat hanging/dangling stuff around like that all the time. That's what made me think of it. However, it did move in a weird way. If there was no tampering and it just did that...that is great stuff.)