Sunday, November 8, 2009


Pennhurst State School - Part 1

Pennhurst State School - Part 2

Pennhurst State School - Part 3

Pennhurst State School - Part 4

Pennhurst State School - Part 5

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Anonymous said...

In the 1980's I spent a number of years visiting people who lived at Pennhurst in order to help them move to new homes in the community. Pennhurst was a scary and emotionally powerful place while people lived there and it is not surprising that the energy remains. This show gave me chills and a serious fear of nightmares tonight. I tend to disbelieve a lot of these shows but this was very in keeping with what I experienced there. Positively chilling.

Anonymous said...

When u talk about this little girl,it makes me cry and shiver.let me just say my times at pennhurst are always full of stories,I only live about 7 blocks away.anyway the little girl.I've accually have seen and has an accounter with her. She looks like she about 9 she has brown hair and she wears a white dress. I was once in the aditoruim and I was playing my iPod. The little girl comes out of no where and was dancing.I stopped the music and asked her her name. She stopped and she stared at me and dissapeared.once she dissapeared I was sick to my stomach and ever since that day I've had dreams once in's like she is trying to tell me something,I can't figure it out though

Erica said...

Its pretty cool how you have found all of these things. I have been to pennhurst many of times when me and my friends were looking for haunted places to go to. The only really scary thing that happend was when my friend took a before pic of all of us and everything was normal and then he took an after pic and there was a white hand print on my black shirt that you could only see when you took a picture of it, and the fact that our cameras & flashlights went out for no reason and came back in in a couple mins. After watching this though i dont think i will go back into pennhurst.

Walt said...

That little girl came home with me. I know her name and age.

Anonymous said...

I actually got the opportunity to go to pennhurst. My girl and i went on a warm day and parked right outside the premises of pennhurst. When we actually got to the asylumn. I actually needed a winter coat because the temperature dropped like crazy. The asylumn it self is so creepy that i actually went back a second time. And let me tell ya. I was freaking out with my girl. This place is so creepy.

Anonymous said...

I used to live right down the street from Pennhurst. I was 5 when they closed this placed down. They let who ever was left in there back on the streets to defend themselves. I remember a guy that used to walk up and down Main St. He was a very tall man and i remember people calling him "High Stepper" but i'm not sure what his real name was. I know my grandmother n some other family used to work there. When i saw this show i was amazed. A few of my friends went in Pennhurst to see if it was haunted but we got chased out by security. We didn't get in trouble because at that time it was my uncle. But now i hear that they made this place some kind of a haunted house at Halloween time. I just think that if people have died here and were treated badly they should leave the the lost souls to be at rest not having to deal with live people going through there but that's just my opinion. And the underground tunnels had poop and nasty things all over.