Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghost Adventures Recap: Execution Rocks Lighthouse


Zak, Nick, and Aaron are the first team to investigate Execution Rocks. Many other paranormal teams have called to investigate this island, but Zak and the boys were the only ones to show up. Execution Rocks has been home to executions, murder, and accidental death, and is given its name because British soldiers used the rocks around the island to carry out executions. They would chain the prisoners up at low tide and wait for the water to slowly rise until the prisoners were drowned. The prisoners were in the water for up to twelve hours before the water rose high enough for them to drown.

In 1847 the lighthouse was built on the island to prevent all the boats from crashing into the jagged rocks surrounding the island. Twenty years later the keeper’s house was built. Many of the lighthouse keepers were so scared by all the paranormal activity that happened on the island that they were able to cancel their contracts and leave at any time without incident.

Carl Panzram (aka Captain Carl O’Leary) was a notorious serial killer and once boasted that he murdered 21 human beings. He picked the lighthouse to dump the dead bodies of his victims. He was hung for all his murders. While waiting to die, he spat in a guards face and said “hurry it along, I could have killed 10 people by now”.

While walking around being told the history by a coast guard, they were told that many felt that the ghosts on the island have crashed many boats that got too close. Some say that they could smell the sweet odor of flowers on the island but it was barren and had no vegetation growing there. A physic said that a male dominate spirit is the one haunting the island and it could be Carl Panzram. Inside the keeper’s house, Dave their guide said that he felt like something was pressing on his chest with two hands. He said that he couldn’t breathe and felt like a ghost was attacking him. In 1978 the lighthouse became automated and there was no need for a lighthouse keeper to live on the island.

Late in the afternoon before their lockdown, they decided to have some fun and go fishing. Zak did manage to catch a pretty good size fish but it escaped before they could reel it in. They got their gear and got ready for lockdown. This was their first lighthouse investigation.

LOCKDOWN: Matt takes off on the boat leaving the boys trapped on the island. They check out where their X’s are located before starting the investigation. They BBQ burgers before the sun goes down and the fun begins. They start things off using the video goggles which have a word data base inside the gun and has an infrared built into it. Right off the bat the word “remote” shows up on the goggles. They start out in the keeper’s house and head into the room where Dave felt he had two hands put on his chest. Zak asked questions while Aaron fixes the camera. While he was doing that the word “camera” showed up on the goggles. They head upstairs and hear a loud bang. After asking for the bang noise again, they heard a voice but couldn’t determine if it came from outside. They did, however, hear a growl noise which came from inside the building. They decide to head back downstairs to find the source of the loud bang. Since they couldn’t find anything that would cause the loud bang noise, they asked the spirits if they made the noise. They do an EVP session and get a spike on the EMF, Aaron gets chills and the word “drink” showed up on the goggles, all at the same time. The word “Mercury” was next to showed up which propped Zak to go to the top of the lighthouse. During the walk through, he remembered seeing a barrel which said “Caution Mercury Poison”. He felt that they might be solving an undisclosed death or murder. They then headed downstairs where the poisonous mercury might have dripped down inside the lighthouse mixing with the fresh water. They leave a digital recorder and static night vision camera in the area. After reviewing the footage later, they found no voices or visuals to coincide with the words they heard earlier.

They left the lighthouse and went back to the keeper’s house. Zak put the EMF back on the floor where they got the high spikes and this time got nothing. They decided to use the infrared still cameras which records temperature, time, and date. While walking around, Zak taunts the ghost into showing himself but they didn’t get any action.

As the lockdown neared the end, they decided to investigate the outside where it was pitch dark. They take the infrared still cameras but got nothing on all the photos that were taken inside and out. Next they set up a static night vision camera pointing at the rocks where many of the drownings took place. As they finished setting up the camera, both Aaron and Zak heard a crying coming from where the rocks are at. They decided to head down to where the jagged rocks were to investigate the crying sound. Zak puts a digital recorder on the rocks but didn’t catch any EVP’s or sounds. Throughout the entire investigation of Execution Rocks, they got no visual or audio evidence to support the claims of ghost that were reported on this dreary little island.

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Jonathan said...

what do oyu need to do if you want to start a investigation at your house or school? cause both places i fell like they are haunted

A. Grasso said...

Absolutely LOVED this episode.. Just like every other one.. =)