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Ghost Hunters Recap: Hindenburg Crash Site



On their season finale, the TAPS team investigates the crash site of the Hindenburg and the hanger it was kept in. Hanger 1 was built back in 1919. Rick, a historian, tells TAPS that an ocean liner could fit inside this hanger that housed the Hindenburg. Activity in Hangar 1 is reported on the second deck, along with music, noises and voices in a foreign language. A three or four foot high mist was seen with two head bobbing above it. In Hangar 1 south stairwell is where late at night a night watchman heard his name and saw a dark figure move towards him. It called his name again and moved right through him. He ran out of the building and refused to go back. In the medical building on the 1st floor people have heard voices, seen paper shuffling and lights going on and off. On the 2nd floor a woman saw a figure float by a man that she was talking to. They checked out the place but no one was there. In the basement of the building a woman saw a shadow behind her and when she went up the stairs, she couldn’t get the door open. On the airfield at the crash site, people feel spooked and have an uneasy feeling.

Jason and Grant in Hanger 1 ground floor get the investigation going. They walk around with the flir thermal camera. At one point they saw what looked like a figure. Using the thermal they saw what look like a person under the sheet. Upon further investigation, they found it to be equipment under plastic.

Kris and Amy start out in the medical clinic. They walk around asking questions and ask for a spirit to turn on a light. They notice a light at the end of the hall turn on, and then turned off. While they were trying to find the source of the light turning on and off, another light turned on, and then off.

Britt and Dustin are on the ground floor in Hanger 1 where they see a shadow figure move above on the catwalk. They head up there to investigate and they heard movement while up there. Dustin hears footsteps above him but it wasn’t Britt who was at the other end. Britt saw a black mass above where Dustin was standing and it was moving.

Amy and Kris are now in the south stairwell of Hanger 1. They walk around checking out the place on the second floor which is abandoned office space and felt like someone was up there with them. They felt scared and uneasy as they walked around. They kept hearing noises and then a light turned on and then off.

Jason and Grant are now in the basement of the medical clinic where they smell a strong sewer gas. With the high EMF reading and sewer gas could explain some people having the feeling of being haunted. They looked for the source of the sewer gas, isolated the problem and fixed it.

Amy and Kris are still on the second floor of Hanger 1 where they decide to sit and ask questions. After not getting any response they moved on.

Jason and Grant are now in Hanger 1 where Jason sees a shadow move straight up from one catwalk to the other above it. They then hear voices and catch on their thermal a figure looking over the railing above in the catwalk area. They yell up there and then they head up to the catwalk to verify that no one was up there.

Dustin and Britt are in the medical building on the 2nd floor. They use new hi-tech recorders that are supposed to pick up the voices and make them sound much clearer. (Yeah!) They were getting high EMF readings and hope they caught a voice on the recorder.

Jason and Grant are now outside at the Hindenburg crash site. They walk around with the flir asking questions to get a response. They decided to get in their car and shoot the thermal out the window to cover the perimeter to see if they get something. They didn’t but were overcome by the experience of just being there.

Dustin and Britt are now in the medical building basement and getting high EMF readings but see the electrical boxes. All of a sudden Dustin felt like something had touched him. He thought it might be a cobweb but it wasn’t. This was the end of the investigation.

In Hanger 1 on the catwalk, Dustin caught the footsteps that he heard above him.

In the Medical Building with Kris and Amy, they caught what sounded like a guy clearing his throat, a whispering voice possibly saying “very hard” and the lights turning on and off. They heard a door opening and then closing which was caught on the digital camera.

Also in the Medical Building, Dustin and Britt caught a sigh sound on their recorder.

They did feel with all the evidence that the place was definitely having paranormal activity.

Go here to watch HINDENBURG CRASH SITE once again.

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