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Ghost Hunters Recap: Mark Twain House

Mark Twain House", Hartford, Connecticut

“The Mark Twain House and Museum was the home of Mark Twain (a.k.a. Samuel Langhorne Clemens) from 1874 to 1891 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Before 1874, Twain had lived in Hannibal, Missouri. The architectural style of the 19-room house is Victorian Gothic. The house is also notable for the major works written during his residency, including The Gilded Age, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper, Life on the Mississippi, Huckleberry Finn, A Tramp Abroad, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Poor financial investments caused the Twain family to move to Europe in 1891. When they returned to Connecticut in 1900 he lived in a house built for him in Redding, Connecticut named Stormfield, where he died on April 21, 1910. His home in Hartford functioned as a school, an apartment building, as well as a library. In 1962 the building was declared a National Historic Landmark. Since 1974 it has had a multi-million dollar renovation and an expansion dedicated to showcasing his life and work. The house is facing financial troubles stemming in part from an overestimation of the number of visitors it would receive yearly.” (wikipedia)

Rebecca Floyd, manager, tells TAPS that Mark Twain, his wife and three daughters lived in the house for 17 years. His oldest daughter, Susy, died in the house from spiral meningitis. Rebecca starts in the Foyer where a man on a tour saw apparitions of children, grayish blue in color, moving up the stairs. Up to the 1st floor drawing room where the Twain family did most of their entertaining. A tour guide saw an apparition in a lady wearing a white dress dashing from that room, and then out the door. Next is the 1st floor library where a tour group hears a loud bang while in that room. They check it out and find out that none of the other tour groups in the house, heard the noise. A woman on a tour felt three tugs on her shirt and heard children's laughter while in the library. There were no children on the tour at that time. Next on the 2nd floor landing, a tour guide saw a figure in a white period dress walking into Susy’s bedroom. In the master bedroom, known as Mark Twain's room, a tour guide saw a female apparition walking down the hallway. In the nursery, a woman with white period dress has been seen in there as well. Also in that room, there are reports of the curtains moving by themselves. A couple taking pictures of the outside of the house caught what appeared to be a women and a children peeking out of the nursery window. No one was in there at the time.

INVESTIGATION: Jason and Grant started in the dining room where they hear noises, like a muttering sound. They head to the servants quarters where the KII goes crazy and lights up especially around the table. They head in the foyer next where Jason gets a hit on the thermal camera. It was two figures in the window near the drawing room. Grant walks outside, over to the windows, but he didn't show up on the thermal. They even tried to get a reflection but that didn't work either.

Amy and Kris split up, Amy in the foyer and Kris up stairs on the third floor landing. Kris heard "what" at the same time Amy heard a voice.

Britt and Dustin start on the second floor landing where they sit on opposite ends to see if they get some action and see the apparition many have seen. Britt sees movement in the nursery, something moving back and forth. Britt hangs out in the nursery and Dustin goes in Susy's room. They hear a loud noise and went to investigate. They felt a cold breeze in the path where the spirits have been known to walk. They decide to split up, Dustin on the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor where he sees the light disappear in front of a window. It was as if something walked in front of it. They ask for a noise and get a loud bang on the first floor so they head down to investigate. They felt like the ghosts were just toying with them.

Jason and Grant in the foyer hear footsteps above them on the second floor. They head up to the nursery and felt a faint breeze coming from the window. One of the panels was broken on the window which could explain the curtains moving. They decided to sit on the stairs to do an EVP section. They noticed the light on the third floor was blocked out by a black mass. Jason walks up the stairs to block out the light coming from a door. He needed to stand in the door frame in order to block out the light. They sat on the stairs leading up to the third floor with the cameras pointing towards that door to see if they catch anything. The hear footsteps and ask for more, and then heard more. Then they felt the vibrations of the footstep walking up the stairs right by them. Grant noticed the light from the window was blocked and then something moving to another room.

Kris and Amy are in the library asking questions and wanting proof of a spirit. They hear a noise coming from upstairs, footsteps, and then floor creaking and went up to check it out. While up there they didn't hear anything more.

Dustin and Britt are in the drawing room and sit down on the floor hoping to contact the spirits from the children that were seen in there. This room used to be the school room. They hear voices and noticed that from the library a loud noise was heard. They decide to sit in the library and asked questions and heard noises in other rooms, not the room they were in.

RESULTS: Unfortunately, their hard drive on the DVR went out and they lost all that footage. On the thermal, it turned out that is was Jason and Grant's reflection. In the nursery they picked out the loud sound, like a ball dropping and rolling on the floor. They also caught that sound again, which was more of a thumping sound. The footsteps Amy and Kris heard was caught on tape, it sounded like someone running.

They were able to back up some of the claims with the evidence they caught and concluded that the place is haunted.

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