Thursday, January 7, 2010

GHI Recap: Hitler's Ghost

Gran Hotel Viena, Miramar, Argentina

The GHI team is back for an all new season with Robb, Dustin, Barry, Joe, Brandy, Ashley and Paul Bradford too. The Gran Hotel Viena was built in 1945 by a wealthy German man. During the late 70’s the lake flooded and destroyed the entire town. The Hotel Viena was the only thing left. There are conspiracy theories about the place such as the place being a Nazi compound for war criminals during the war. Another is that Hitler did not actually die in Germany but came to the hotel to hide out.

They meet up with Veronica, a docent, who confirms that the hotel was built between 1940 and 1945. Robb said that they were told that possibly Hitler came there to escape from Germany and she agreed. The hotel is made up of several different wings. The Elite Wing was the main wing and was the most luxurious. If Hitler indeed stayed there, it would have been it that wing. A witness once told of seeing Hitler forcible drugged and removed from the bunker. After the war was over, Hitler went to South America and died somewhere in that area in 1962. The next wing Veronica shows them is the Hospital Wing where surgery was performed during the war. It also had the largest plastic surgery clinic so many could change their appearance. The next wing she points out is the Workers’ Wing where the German’s hired the hotel staff from another country because they didn’t want the locals to know what was going on there. Some have seen many ghosts roaming around the hotel’s ground and inside the walls of the buildings. Veronica walks them around to the front part of the hotel which was badly damaged because of floods. Room 61 of the Elite Wing is where Hitler had spent some nights in. A photo taken in the room revealed a man looking out the window wearing a military coat with a thin mustache. The man resembled an aging Hitler. Next they go up to the Hospital wing where some have seen a light floating up the staircase. Up to the first floor of the hospital where a presence has been felt along with the sound of unseen boots walking on the floor. In room 106 is where a woman spent the night and saw a man sitting on the bathtub. In room 110 is where a sound of a radio static was coming from the cabinet where nothing was in it. This was the last place and it is on to the investigation.

INVESTIGATION: Robb, Brandy and Ashley start the ball rolling in room 106 of the Hospital Wing. They start with an EVP session with Robb asking the questions. They heard a loud bang on the wall next to them so he continued asking questions. They hear a knock at the door of the room, so Robb opens it up. The hallway was empty so Robb jiggles the bathroom door handle again but got nothing this time.

Paul and Barry begin in the main building’s dining room. They too do an EVP session with Barry asking the questions. Paul asked a question in German and right afterwards they hear footsteps. Paul sees something pass by a window which looked like a black mass. The window was very high up so it couldn’t be a person walking outside. They decide to end the session.

Robb, Brandy and Ashley are now in the hospital wing on the 3rd floor, set up the static meter. This meter measures static discharge. The meter starts to show some movement while in the hallway. Shortly afterwards, Robb hears footsteps and investigates but finds nothing. Brandy takes some pictures with the full spectrum camera.

Dustin and Joe try their luck in the hospital wing in the stairwell where the light was seen. Dustin calls Joe to come up because he heard noises. They rush up to investigate, taunting Hitler to come out. Joe hears some whispering and they hear more noises above them and check it out. It leads them to the rooftop area where Dustin jumps back because a pigeon flew out a doorway and scared him.

Robb, Brandy and Ashley are now in room 110 of the hospital wing doing an EVP session. They ask the spirits to turn the red light on their meter and the spirit did just that. He asked for the green light and it does the same. He next asked for Hitler’s ghost to come forward and Brandy feels a cold breath hit her leg and someone touching her pant leg. They asked for more but that was it.

Robb decides to take off by himself to the Elite Wing and room 61, Hitler’s room. He brings lots of equipment with him to aid in the investigation. After all the cameras are in place he does an EVP session hoping to bring out Hitler’s ghost. He kept hearing noises in the hallway and found the battery on the camera in the hall had drained. He then places the static meter in the hallway and continues the session. The meter turns up to full green, which he has never seen it do that before. Now both cameras batteries were drained, and then his backup camera as well. The audio recorder continued to work.

Now in the Elite Wing are Barry and Dustin to backup Robb’s claims. Barry and Dustin do an EVP session and head up to the floor above. They hear movement and music coming from upstairs along with a deep male voice. When they got to the top, the noises stop.

Joe and Paul check out the Workers’ quarters where they hear noises and head downstairs to check it out. They see small tunnel or crawl space with footprints and Paul feels something touch his hand. He thinks the touch on his hand could have been the pipe above and thinks the footsteps were caused by the moisture in the basement.

Paul is now with Barry and they are on the outside checking out the area underneath the workers’ wing. They run a tiny camera in the crawlspace and can see what is there on the computer. They moved it all around and then pull it out hoping to have gotten some evidence.

RESULTS: In room 110, Robb’s asking for the spirit to turn the red and green lights on and it does.

Dustin and Joe pick up the knocking sound from the staircase.

Robb, Ashley and Brandy in the hospital wing captured the footsteps they heard.

On the full spectrum camera in room 106, Robb, Ashley and Brandy caught what looked like a person sitting on the bed.

They did conclude that the Hotel Viena is being frequented by several spirits, and is definitely haunted.

Go here to watch HITLER'S GHOST once again.

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Autumnforest said...

Fantastic recap--as usual! I have to admit that their personal experiences way exceeded any flimsy evidence they had to show the client. The photo I would have dismissed from dust and lens flare as the "figure" lined up with the lens flare too perfectly. I was excited to see them using the static meter and also having an interaction with the lights on the closet shelf. I've had a few KII sessions with complete and total interaction like that with changing up questions and trying to stump them and putting huge gaps between questions and then rapid fire ones, and when they line up like that, it's just too amazing. Gives me goosebumps. You could see it in Robb's eyes and Brandi's that they knew they were interacting. Very cool. I would like to have seen him extend that session longer until it wouldn't answer anymore. He got it to prove it was there, but didn't ask it questions to answer. Oh well. I'm just happy to see new locations.