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Ghost Adventures Recap: Clovis Wolfe Manor


The Clovis Wolfe Manor has been referred to as a black hole, with many people entering the building, never to come out again. This place saw 7 decades of operations and thousands perished inside the manor, an average one death per day. The manor was reserved for the most violent of people, those that were a danger to others as well as themselves. The Clovis Manor is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the entire west coast. This is why the Ghost Adventure boys are here to investigate and be locked in for an entire night.

Clovis, California prides itself in its western heritage and tranquil lifestyle. On the outskirts of town lies a secret that the locals don’t like to talk about. Zak starts his interviews with the owner of the manor, Todd Wolfe. He asked him that before buying the place “did he believe in ghosts?” He said the before he absolutely did not believe but now he does. Todd takes them inside so they can hear the stories about the very dark history of the place. The house started out as a family residence until they lost the house to back taxes. The place stood empty for a number of years until it became the Wolfe Manor. The place housed about 100 to 150 patients at a time. After over 70 years in operation, it closed in 1997. Zak asked Todd about how many died on the property and he said thousands of people.

Zak next talks to Donna Raymond, a paranormal Investigator, and asked why the City of Clovis didn’t like the place. She said that she thinks it is the place’s dark past and stories of abuse that the city doesn’t want people to know about. Scott Gruenwald, another paranormal Investigator, tells him of the people that were left tied to beds, showers and even toilets, with about 20 patients to one nurse. The average employee lasted about 30 days because of all the horrible things that went on there. This is why it is called the “Black Hole of Clovis”.

Back with Todd and in the main foyer, everyone heard a laughing while he was telling some of the history. Shortly afterwards, they get goose bumps and their EMF meter started to spike with a high reading. They pulled out another EMF meter to see if the other one was giving a faulty reading but they both gave the same high reading. There was no electricity running through the manor, so it left them wondering if the meter was indicating that there may have been a spirit standing near them. Perhaps the one that was laughing at them earlier, Zak wondered.

Todd often asked why this place is so haunted when most of the patients in the place didn’t know they were dying. In 2007, Todd had the hospital wing demolished and a sensitive come visit the site. She walked out to the far end and took two day working with the entities she felt were there to get them to come to the mansion where they would be safe. This could explain why the mansion has had so many stories of paranormal activity.

Zak next interviews Terry Campbell, another paranormal investigator, who tells him that the mansion was reserved for most violent patients. He tells Zak that there were two murders in the mansion that were patient to patient murders, and there were several suicides too.

Todd takes them to the kitchen where they have photographs of a child playing and running. He showed him a photo and it looks like some sort of shadow figure that was child size. The next place they go to is Mary’s room where Todd and a friend were in there and saw a dark shadow figure by the door. He also tells him about the bathroom where they caught on video a “man baby” figure near the tub. They next go to the area where a ramp used to exist leading down to the hospital wing. While there, Zak felt a huge breeze brush past his arm. Then the EMF meter goes off and they caught a cry sound on their recorder. The next place he takes them is in the pink room in the basement. He tells Zak that the spirits like to mess with people that are in that area. People were grabbed, pushed, touched, heard voices, heard doors slammed shut and saw black shadow figures. The police department has received several 9-1-1 calls from that residence but there are no phones or connections anywhere on the property.

Before getting locked down, they head into Clovis and meet up with Andy Coppock to try out some new equipment that he invented. He designed and built a UV Camera that can allow them to see the full spectrum using a very sensitive chip. This camera will make it possible to see movement that can’t be seen on an infrared camera or the naked eye. They will finally be able to see a spectrum of light that all their equipment and eyes cannot see.

THE LOCKDOWN: It’s sundown and Todd locks them in the manor. Zak felt like this place has intelligent spirits there and is just waiting to mess with them. After mapping out all the places where the static night vision cameras and the new UV cameras are going to be placed, they start to investigate. They walk around in pitch blackness, asking the spirits to come forward and make their presence known. They point out that it is very hot in the place, about 85 degrees. The EMF detector starts to show movement, and then they hear what sounded like a lady moaning. Aaron goes to the end of the all, Nick goes in a room where there are some dolls and Zak stays by the stairs. Right after Zak tells Nick to come back out, Nick’s recorder caught, “Nick…heard his name…” Nick tells them that he wants the spirits to talk to them and right afterwards he sees a flash of light while Zak hears someone talking. The caught on the recorder what sounded like a female voice saying, “…it wasn’t me Zak…” They keep hearing noises coming from downstairs and head down to check it out. They each separate in different rooms and Zak checks out the crawl space. They ask questions and Nick’s recorder caught an EVP saying “…get out…” Next Zak’s hearing on the left side of his face went fuzzy, and they caught a breath on their recorder. Aaron starts to feel sickly and gets a bad headache. They caught another heavy breath and voice saying “…no…” Zak ask for the spirit to touch him and his camera caught a demonic sounding voice say “..die…” coming from the crawl space. Zak jumps into the crawl space to check out the voice and taunts the ghosts. While doing that, his camera picked up a voice saying “…want…your energy…” Zak continues to ask questions and does some taunting as well. While leaving the crawl space, Zak felt something touch his neck. They decide that this is the time to break out the UV camera to see if it picks up what they haven’t seen earlier. They picked up a purple mass moving around the room, and then disappear. They put a digital recorder by the doorway and the purple mass returns and appears to be lying on the floor. The digital recorder caught “…stay…” and then the purple mass returned and appeared to be lying on the couch. It leaves so Zak asked if this was the spirit that touched him and he asked it to return. The mass returned and went to the couch. Aaron walks over and sits on the couch to see if it will sit with him but it didn’t come back. Now Zak stands near the door and asked it to return and it did. They caught a voice on the recorder saying “…Zak…” They take the equipment to Mary’s room to see if they capture any ghosts in there. Nick sits on the bed and asks Mary to make her presence known but nothing happened. The basement appeared to have all the activity this night.

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