Friday, April 9, 2010


Unbelievable is the only thing I can say. Wait until you read these two articles.
Have a barf bag ready!

Click on pix above for the original article
and link below for another

Warwick RI Gets Flooded For Sin, TAPS Ghost Hunters To Blame


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MoxieMamaKC said...

I have no words for this. It scares me that these people are probably shopping next to me in the grocery store....

My favorite part?

"I wish I could see the stats, because I bet since this show aired there has been at least a 12% increase in “mysterious” and “unexplained” deaths, which is just the product of people trying to do ghost hunting in their own homes and getting killed once they invite Satan in with wicked seances."

Atrueoriginall said...

LOL, they are shopping next to you though.

I live in Corpus Christi, hence the name comes from Body of Christ. There are more churches here then you can count and boy have I heard it all.

It amazes me how some can get so entrenched that they believe just about anything. Once they're at that stage they start sounding like that article.

At first I thought it was satire or a spoof, I really didn't think that someone would go so far as to elaborate.

I really wonder what Jason and Grant think. lol

The comments are as much fun to read as the article and did you read both articles or just the one. Click on the picture and it takes you to the second nimrod. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, it makes me realize why so many people run from christians. If you're truly a person of christ you would reread your work and go "doh" im being judgemental which is a sin just as much as placing "witches into their rightful place". wow, are we back in the stone age or what? i accidentally stumbled across this today and went ...??? god loves all who loves him and all of us are human whether some people think their stuff dont stink... and well.. honestly, only god knows the true intent of a heart and soul and truthfully wouldnt it be ironic if it came to pass that the cause of all the destruction was that all the "over egotistical christians" were the true reason for all the chaos?"" just saying..look in the mirror before opening your judgemental mouth.cuz fire can backdraft...:)