Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ghost Hunters Recap: Haunted Reform School


The TAPS guide, Jackie Kleeb a docent, starts with the history of Preston Castle. Many died in the castle and usually from violent deaths. It was built and opened in 1894, because boys as young as 12 that were hard to deal with were sent to San Quentin and Folsom Prison. They needed a place to rehabilitate the boys and teach them a trade such as photography, masonry, and carpentry. It was a military establishment and closed in 1960.

They start in the 1st floor Doctor’s Office. A group of people coming through on a tour had two different people see an apparition of an older man in a white coat. In the Ist floor Infirmary, a 20 year old inmate was shot in the back by a guard on his third attempt to escape, and died in the infirmary. Many believe that his spirit is still there. Jackie kept seeing sparkling lights in her peripheral vision while in there but this only happened once. Other claims are that a woman felt like a web brushed against her face, hearing the sound of a woman humming, while another woman was pinched on her butt. In the quarantine room, Jackie had an experience. She was sitting down and felt an electrical charge throughout her entire body as if she put her finger in a light socket. The 2nd floor Company B room was one of the main dormitories for the boys. An eyewitness, while locking up for the night, heard many voices in that room. He got his flashlight, shined it in the room and the voices stopped. A tour guide experienced a hand waving in front of her face, turned around and no one was there. The basement Laundry room is where witnesses heard chairs moving, and saw the laundry room door shut quickly by itself. In the basement Kitchen, Anna Corbin’s body was found. She was the head house keeper and was bludgeon to death. Her body was found in alcove. A witness heard a female voice say help me coming from the alcove, checked it out and found no one there. One of the youths was trialed three times for her murder but was acquitted. Other people have been touched; sleeves pulled, and heard knocking sounds while in that room.


Jason and Grant start on the 1st floor infirmary. Jason sees two shadows right away. They walked around and Grant sees a shadow figure looking down at them from a second floor doorway through the missing floor. It appeared to quickly dart back in the room afterwards. On the 2nd floor, they looked for that room and couldn’t gain access. Grant hears his name called, asked the spirit to say it again and Jason hears it the second time. While doing interview, Grant sees someone walk in front of the second floor window. While in the 2nd floor Company B room, they heard noises in the hallway and went to investigate. While standing in the hallway, they heard the noises coming from both ends. They also heard a scream and checked it out.

Britt and Kris in the basement kitchen heard the floor creek in the hallway. While investigating the noise, they see a light in the hallway with no explanation.

Britt and Amy in the 1st floor infirmary sat in the quarantine room to do an EVP session. Amy twice sees a shadow in the infirmary. She returns to her spot while Britt walked the infirmary. He ended in the spot where Amy saw the shadow figure. She knows that it was definitely a shadow person she saw.

Steve and Britt in the basement kitchen heard a high pitch voice.

Grant and Tango in the basement laundry room, checked out door to see why it would close on its own. They think it could possibly be an open window in the room and the wind could have slammed the door shut. They asked for the door to be closed and heard another door close above them and then footsteps. Went up to check it out, found no one up there, and heard it again.

Jason and Steve on the 2nd floor hallway, they heard whispering and talking. They tried to find out where it was coming from but couldn’t locate the source.


Grant and Tango in basement laundry room caught the door slam and footsteps on video.

Grant and Jason, 2nd floor, audio, caught a woman’s voice but had trouble making it out.

Grant and Jason, 1st floor infirmary, caught another woman’s voice possibly saying “slow down”.

Grand and Jason, 2nd floor, they caught the spirit saying “Grant” after he asked if they knew his name.

In the hallway outside the Company B room, caught a strange anonymity on the thermal camera.

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