Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ghost Hunters Recap: Ghost of Buffalo Bill


Betsy, the museum coordinator, greeted TAPS and gave them the history before taking them on a tour of the hotspots. Buffalo Bill Cody was very active in the American west. He rode in the pony express, took part in the Civil War, later on became a buffalo hunter, and an army scout for which all became his stepping stone to become a showman. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show had bears, buffalo, cowboys, Indians and cowgirls all riding and showing life the way it was in the West. He took his show all over the United States and eventually to Europe. Betsy starts with downstairs in the Showman Exhibit. This is where a janitor saw a bright flash and something unseen pushed his head backwards. She feels that something is attached to the artifacts displayed in the room. One time a person tried on one of the jackets and started to black out. Another person saw a man dressed like a cowboy downstairs and thought to be an intruder. After going down to check it out, they found no one down there. The Pahaska Tepee Café was next. This was the original museum and built in 1921 by Buffalo Bill's foster son, Johnny Baker. In this room people have reported hearing voices and conversations in the dining area. The kachina dolls have been seen leaping off the shelves landing feet first. Three of them flew at an employee while she was working. She takes them outside next where a woman reported being pushed down the stairs in front of the museum. The last place she takes them is the grave site of Buffalo Bill Cody. A couple lives upstairs in the museum and another below the main floor. For this episode, TAPS has enlisted the help of Eddie McClintock from Syfy’s show “Warehouse 13”.

INVESTIGATION: In the Pahaska Tepee Café is where Jason, Grant and Eddie start their investigation. Eddie walks around with the thermal imaging camera and saw something move in it. They were also experiencing the KII getting high readings. Eddie started feeling creeped out which Jason and Grant figured it was from the high EMF readings they were getting too.

Steve and Tango start outside where Tango slid on gravel on sidewalk. He figured that this could be what happened to lady that felt she was pushed. She could have simply slipped on the gravel. Then they hear a honk or quack, and the sound of footsteps so they followed where it came from. They noticed the flags flapping in the wind and that they sounded like footsteps.

Amy and Kris start in the museum and right away hear a noise. It sounded like someone pushed the plastic window and it bounced right back. The window was a heavy plastic so they didn’t think the A/C coming on could have made the noise. They did ask to hear it again but nothing happened.

Back in the Pahaska Tepee Café we find Steve, Eddie and Tango but not much happened so it is off to the museum office with Kris and Amy. They check around and noticed the high EMF readings, and then hear a voice.

We now find, in the Showman exhibit, Steve and Tango, who are sitting on a bench asking questions. They don’t appear to be having any luck getting the spirit of Buffalo Bill to speak to them.

Walking outside around the grounds is Jason, Grant, and Eddie. They noticed the whole place had a high EMF reading; basically they were off the charts. They checked out the huge tower next to the building, getting more high readings. They moved away from the tower and figure that the towers surrounding the place would make it hard to get an accurate EMF and KII readings. So they just walked around the grounds and then ended the investigation. The feel these large communication towers may be why the paranormal activity has been reported by many at this location.

RESULTS: Kris did some research and found out that someone hung themselves from the second floor of the Pahaska Tepee building. No tangible evidence was collected. Betsy tells them that they are relocating the towers so TAPS may come back and do another investigation after they are gone.

This place in now a residence and Tonya Webber, their guide is a tenant. Oakland Hall was built around the early 1800's and at one time General Sherman stayed there. They start with a tour of the living room and hallway outside of it. Tonya saw something gray move in front of her, like a mist. In the TV room, the TV and DVD player will turn off while they are watching them, and then they came back on by themselves. A lamp in the corner had its light bulb exploded after being turned on. Now they head upstairs to living quarters where Tonya was coming up the stairs and smelt a foul nasty odor and got violently nauseous. It felt like something was on her, and then she noticed a shadow on the stairs above her. Others have felt the air getting thick and the feeling of nausea as well. Now it’s up to the attic, the last place on the tour. The rocking horse in the room has physically moved. It would be put in one place and be in another area of the room the next time someone went up there. In the 1900's the family that then owned the house had a little girl that was mentally and physically handicapped and kept her in that room. They feel that she is moving the rocking horse, and she has been seen around the house.

INVESTIGATION: Steve and Tango start in the attic and asked the spirit to make their presence known to them. They hear a grunt sound near them but did see anything.
Then, Jason and Grant went in the attic and asked the spirit to move the rocking horse but got no action.
Steve and Tango are now in first floor hallway, asking shadow figure to show itself, and again got nothing.
Now we are in the TV room with Jason and Grant checking out the TV. They turned on TV, DVD and A/C to see what might cause the TV to turn off by itself. Then shortly afterwards, the TV and DVD turned off. They traced the electrical cord and they found the plug unplugged.

RESULTS: They got an electrician out to check out the wiring and found the cord on lamp was faulty and could cause a fire. The cord to TV could have a loose connection causing the end of the plug to slip out from the wall socket. In the sitting room on a recorder was a whispering of "it's -----" which was female, but they couldn't make it out. Not enough evidence to call the place haunted.

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Autumnforest said...

Yawn... Yeah, I'm definitely not buying this last season's episodes on DVD. I'm so tired of Kris and the other chick wandering around just looking lost, and even Tango and Steve seem preoccupied and J&G seem not to be into this at all anymore. The chemistry is completely dead. They either need new blood or new techniques. Same old, same old. I don't feel like they're growing as researchers in the least. They even gave up the helmet camera. Jeez!

Atrueoriginall said...

I know what you mean. I laid down at 8:05 to watch them. I was dead tired (mentally) from my work - not physically but I fell asleep at 8:30 because that show did not keep me awake. lol

They are getting a bit boring. That one with Meatloaf was great but then again it was great because he's so 'up' and they're so 'down'. They need to be more 'up' or they're going to fall down.

Julie said...

Sadly, it's Destination Truth whose season is over and will be greatly missed by me. I'm definately buying this season of that show. I have to agree with Autumn about last nights show being a bit boring. I kept looking at the clock eagerly waiting for DT to start. Oh well, I will continue to write about it even though last nights show was a short one to write.