Thursday, November 5, 2009


Nottoway Plantation/Metro Club - Part 1

Nottoway Plantation/Metro Club - Part 2

Nottoway Plantation/Metro Club - Part 3

Nottoway Plantation/Metro Club - Part 4

Nottoway Plantation/Metro Club - Part 5

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Autumnforest said...

I still admit, I think they're extremely hard to watch, but I do love the concept and I love that they're testing the very things I've been talking about all along. It's exciting to see someone has some tools at hand to do the field testing! Still, their evidence has always been very unimpressive. I wonder sometimes if it's just their personalities (like Zak Baggypants) that scares them off? I've found being folksy works best and I think J&G have proved that before too.

Atrueoriginall said...

Like I said in the Ghost Hunter comment, 'up' is good and they are 'up'. They're southern down home boys - you know the kind and I'm sure they like to party. They remind me of a local and popular bar that you'll always find them in. :)

Just the same, they keep my attention even though they through some of those, "oh wow's" in that were still questionable, like the picture of the face with the eyes and nose. No real proof, and big assumptions - but I let it go because I'm still awake and want to finish watching it. :) Me silly, I know.

Atrueoriginall said...

threw, not through. lol